Family Weekend 2017 (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1) Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in Family Weekend. To register, complete the following form and click submit. If paying by check, please mail a printed copy of the form with your payment. If paying via credit card, please complete the billing information at the end and click the "pay" button to complete your registration.

Registration Fees: $75 per guest; $10 per UNL Student; $30 per child (age 12 and under).
Registration includes parking, access to workout facilities, activity fees and meals on Saturday morning and Sunday morning/afternoon.


($10 each) click "Add" or press Enter after each name to add student First & Last Name

($75 per person) click "Add" or press Enter to add guest First & Last Name
(e.g. Parents, Grandparents, siblings, etc. who are attending the weekend)

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Additional Information

For additional information or if you have questions, contact the UNL Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office via phone at 402-472-3755 or via email at